March, 2003.


Jimmy Paul invited Carrie and Bob and Dom and me to his and "the 70's guys' quarterly dinner".  Carrie was sick and I was recuperating from surgery.  They stayed home but we went.  Here I was with that group of guys I used to ogle over at Jerry Lavelle's house, those many years ago.  A silly school-girl's dream I shall entitle (albeit not originally) "That 70's Show"


Mike Infozino.jpg (63227 bytes)

Mike Infozino

Jimmy G Mike F and Charlie N.jpg (150289 bytes)

Jimmy Giannella, Mike Ferrara and Charlie Nardino-Charlie's from '67

the Giannellas.jpg (97074 bytes)

Jimmy and Annie Giannella

the nardinos.jpg (64033 bytes)

Artie and Grace Nardino

Jilley watching Frankie G.jpg (114113 bytes)

Me listening intently to Frank Grauso--yeah, I think he's cute!

Jimmy and Laura laughing.jpg (106946 bytes)

Jim and Laura Paul enjoyed the story, too!


thanks Jim.



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