These are the pictures from our 2001 Special Olympics Duck Race win.  The Alumni's beat a New York group called the Sofa Kings and we got ourselves, what else?  A PARTY.

OK, Carrie--they're all here. Now leave me alone, I have two more reunions to post and a Christmas homepage to rewrite.

Our man of the hour, Rich Carapezzi '73, whose generosity helped put our donations over the edge!!

Jimmy Paul, Joan Cuccio and Pat Fitzgerald '70

Joe Albano '77 and wife Debbie Guzzone '78 with guest (left)

Karen Tantillo '75, Jill Schmidig '76, Ginny Boggio '75, Sarina Engel and Carrie Weber '73

Eileen DeSimone (guest) and Anna Marie Sanzari '73

Jill Schmidig, Ginny Boggio, Ann Rinyak (guest), Carmela D'Onofrio '60

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Bonura (Denise Naedler) both from '72

The Bonura's were also major contributors to our cause.

Darlene "Boob" Marchelle and Nick Blanda '73

The Cahill Sisters: Maureen '70 and Diane '61

Carrie Weber and daughter, Joelle Hook

Denise Catalioto '73, Anthony Bonura, Carrie Weber and John DeChristofaro '72

Chriss Duess '72 kept getting that damned heel stuck between the floorboards, so Dom has her take pix for insurance purposes (lol).

Denise Catalioto and Sandy Hildebrandt '74

Pete D'Imperio and John Cardile '66

Rich Dino, Camille Franco, Phil Liberti, Nick Blanda, Hartley Cole and Darlene Marchelle. Phil represents the class of 1959, the rest are from 1973

Allyson DeSomma '90, Pati Cannizzaro '73 and Dolores Warchol '65

The crowd looks on as Carrie and Jill give thanks for great friends.

Frank Grauso '70, Donna Adamo '72, Joan Cuccio, Chriss Duess,

Michele Peraino '73 and John De Christofaro

Lori DiCrosta '77 and Steve Grieco '75

Jane Juryta and Barbara Sclafani '73

Jill Schmidig, Hartley Cole '73 and Ann Rinyak

Joan Cardile '73 and Frank Grauso

Jill Schmidig and Karen Tantillo

Lisa Staine (r) '82 and guest

Jill and Ann take time out to pose with Mercury Man--a "performance artist"

Jill, Serena Astorino, Carole Coppola and Audra Lynch '72

Karen Tantillo, Steve Grieco, Debbie Norkett '75

Rich Carapezzi, Nick Blanda, Greg Sentipal '71 and Hartley Cole

Ron E. Giles '65 and Diane Astorino '66

Ron with Jimmy Scalia '78 and wife, Dina

Eileen DeSimone and Sarina Engel

The Scalia's with Michele Peraino '73

Greg Sentipal, Joan Harabalya '71, Chriss Duess and AnnaMarie Sanzari

Serina Astorino and guest, Carole Coppola and husband, Stanley Dzielinski and John DeChristofaro

Our hosts from Southstreet Seaport

Anthony Ventola and Lisa Staine '82

Jill, Pete VanEck, Rich, Sarina, AnnaMarie, Nick, Rick, Hartley and Boob

The VanEcks

Jill and Carrie trying to think of prolific things to say.

Vivian Blanda and Andy Hermans '66

Paul Vitamia '75 with Hartley......

And with his Mrs.


Last but not least, we never thought this terrific skyline would be forever changed in four short days. All the reason for us to continue on in our inimitable party fashion.

Love, Jill and Carrie