the last installment....for now: mind on fire, me soul on fire, feelin' HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!

here's shot two of those 1972 'kids'

these are the girls from '78, Cheryl Pecoraro, Sue Stellman, Judy Zangara and Gail Cinexi

Bob Hook '73 with

Adrienne Peraino '61

Washington Schoolers would remember

her as 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Benigno

Bob Hook '73

Anthony Bonura '72

and Gary Longo '74


Emil Newarski is showing Toni Maiorano his camera,

but Chris Duess says, "I see a different photo opportunity!!"

Joann Iannaci '70

hams it up with me


Debbie "Oval" Avola '75

Chris Duess '72, grabs a hug from Artie Nardino '70, while Donna Adamo '72

tries to find out if his gym sessions are paying off (from the look on her face, they must be!!!)

Richie Policastro '71 and Nick Blanda '73.....

and with his wife Karen Tantillo,

"Mistress of the WebSite for Class of '75"

and a partner in crime to Carrie and me.

This is me with Rico Ventola '69

(several hairstyles contained in these pictures, including mine

are courtesy of his and wife Judy's Village Hair Design)

JoAnn Grotsky, wife of Nick '74-takes time out to shake something else instead of a drink.

Mr. & Mrs. Dominick D'Onofrio ('62 and '76)


Thanks to all who made our party a success. Some of you have read Carrie's comments at the bottom of her picture page. It's all true, I must confess.

Prior to last year's feast, Carrie and I wouldn't have known one another if we tripped over each other in the street. I started hounding her with AOL Instant messages once she answered my initial entry in her guestbook. She must have thought--this kid needs to get a life, no wonder why I didn't know her in high school--but I convinced (and almost had to pay) her to be seen with me in public. I think she thinks it was worth it!

We found we had many things in common, mostly, the need to be the center of attention, yet not be afraid to relinquish the title back and forth--although I do know that she will always be Queen and I am a mere next-in-line--the fondness for Lodi High (mine came as somewhat of a shock to me until I joined the committee for my 20th reunion) and the fact that we're cute as hell !!!

Those three things seemed to lend themselves very handsomely to the fourth trait we share, the urge to party often. Thankfully, we have husbands and a close circle of mutual friends who also share our enthusiasm (Or maybe they figure we're going to do it anyway, so they might as well make us happy or we'll be miserable to live with).

This reunion seemed like the next natural progression, and it paid off, big time.

The websites have been a great source of communication for us all. We reacquaint ourselves with old friends and if you're lucky, like me, can get a brandy new best friend out of the deal!!!!

Till next time...

Thanks a million.

Jill Schmidig-D'Onofrio '76 and Carrie Weber-Hook '73


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