installment two...

The gang from 1972 (and don't they ALL look GREAT?!?!?)

John DeChristofaro, Toni Maiorano, Russ Cannici, Jill Iacometta, Sharon Tuzzolino, Emil Newarski, Joan Tomczyk, Chris Duess, Donna Adamo and Barbara Gould

This is actually two pix spliced together:

Darlene Marchelle and Nick Blanda '73, Alan Marchelle '70, Chick Chiodo '73, Bob Hoepker '76, Dominick Pepe '73, Tom St.George '74 and Jim Hoepker '72

Irma Orselli '54 and Adrienne Peraino '61

Pati Caso '73, Sandy Iannaci '78, and Judy Caso '75,

Lori DiCrosta '77 and Gary Carabin '53

Jim trying to tell them how to make change......

But the Staine sisters (right) have their own ideas!!!!

The Untisz Family: Joe and Ginny Boggio '75; and Mike and Ginnie Steccato '75

(the guys want us to know they graduated from Dickinson in Jersey City and DAMNED PROUD OF IT!)

Kim Bennett and Sandy Iannaci '78, Nick Blanda '73, Diane Blanco '79

Chick Chiodo '73 and Debbie Grasso '74 (ICHS)

Jim Iurato, Bob LaPietra, Marjorie Mickley '70 and Debbie Lavelle '76

Janet Shapiro '68, Judy Shapiro '73, Marilyn Shultis, Sharon Tuzzolino and Jill Iacometta '72~

~Steve Grieco '75, Lori DiCrosta and Nancy Westrate '77, Janet Micca '75, Connie Capuano '77

Our "Man of the Hour(s)" DJ "Jammin' Jim Bello '82

Jimmy Rogers and Emil Newarski '72 /

Lois Nunno, Roxanne Gasalberti, Joe Bennett and Marianne Belli '76, with Marilyn Marchetta '73 tucked in between Joe and Marianne.

Robert Rubin '72 and Lisa Sedita * Sandy Iannaci '78 and Tom St.George

Serena Astorino and Robert Rubin '72


Tracy Staine '86 (ICHS)

Cousin Debbie Moody '82

sister Lisa Staine '82

Dan '77 and Anthony '82 Ventola

Charlie '67 and Artie '70 Nardino

Dolores Warchol '65 and

daughter Allyson DeSomma '90

Marilyn McCarroll '73 and

son Dante McCarroll '90




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