So here's the last roll.  NOW, I gotta go finish putting up the pix from LAST YEAR'S Luau, the South Street Special Olympics party and Christmas 2002, plus some stuff outside of these things (yes we have other social lives, too, believe it or not!!)

MGR4PA.jpg (118498 bytes)

Jilley and Carrie with Len Fogge '67 (our latest boy-toy to torture)

MGR4PB.jpg (113492 bytes)

WOW, are those buns of steel or WHAT?

MGR4PC.jpg (91704 bytes)

Okay, that's enough grabass--we have guests to tend to.

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Stevie Wonder wrote a song about her, didn't he? She truly IS lovely.

MGR4PE.jpg (178112 bytes)

The Class of 1973

Back Row: Joe Lisi, Jane Juryta, Judie Meyers, Rich Dino, Diane Rinaldi, Jan Zimmermann, Bob Savacool, Al McNickle, Evelyn Montel

Next Row: Pam White, Maria Pascarella, Marilyn Marchetta, Barbara Sclafani, Roseann Olivetti, Nora Gomez and Darlene Marchelle

Front: AnnMarie Sanzero, Carrie Weber, Doranna Pascarella, Patti Cannizzaro and Michele Peraino

MGR4PF.jpg (56535 bytes)

Patti with Joan Cardile--Joan, you missed the group shot!

MGR4PH.jpg (126484 bytes)

Believe it or not, the last time I saw Joey Miller '81, he wasn't fully out of his "girls are yuck" stage.  I'm glad he isn't any more.

MGR4PI.jpg (105442 bytes)

The Pascarella's with Valerie Love and Michele Peraino '73

MGR4PJ.jpg (91164 bytes)

Tracey Hook, daughter of Michele Oliveri '65 (here) and Henry Hook (brother of Bobby and John)

MGR4PK.jpg (84232 bytes)

Karen Tantillo '75 and Glen Bariso '73

MGR4PL.jpg (92796 bytes)

Cathy Bush '71 with Alan Azzolino '64 and Jimmy Leone '67.  No, Alan hasn't been neglecting his teeth.  Someone told him this was a Halloween party and those teeth were all he could scrape up at midnite.

MGR4PM.jpg (116437 bytes)

Maybe someday, we'll get to see my brother.  In the meanwhile, his friends have been supporting me nicely.  Here are Bill Dowson '65, John Cardile '66 and Jim Cali '67

MGR4PN.jpg (127174 bytes)

Our three cheerleaders.  They've not missed a party yet.  Allyson DeSomma '90; her mom, Dolores Warchol '65 and Chriss Duess '72

MGR4PG.jpg (131488 bytes)

No, Patti, it's "That's What Friends are For", we put the hula hoop away hours ago.

Thank you and GOOD NITE!!!

~ROLL 1~

~ROLL 2~

~ROLL 3~