Mon Dieu--have we pictures or what?

Okay, Roll 3--on with it..........

MGR3PA.jpg (98223 bytes)

Joe Lisi '73, Abe VanBeveren (Mr. Van) '65 and Mrs. Van, Nora Gomez '73

MGR3PB.jpg (106132 bytes)

Georgia Caccamo '69, Jon Perconti '61, Ken 'Nick' Nicosia '67

MGR3PC.jpg (77525 bytes)

Cathy Grosso '68 and Donna Canariato '67

MGR3PD.jpg (153384 bytes)

It's been a long time since little league...  Gary Longo '74, Dom Pepe and Bob Hook '73

MGR3PE.jpg (64317 bytes)

See how we torture our husbands to have these freakin' things?

This is Joe Untisz, Ginny ('75) Boggio's hubby going over the guestlist while my hubby shines that damn flash in his face!

MGR3PG.jpg (98180 bytes)

Never one to miss our shindigs, we thought we should recognize the fact that Rich Dino is ALWAYS the first to get his check in.

MGR3PH.jpg (92288 bytes)

Chriss Duess '72, Dina Scalia, Sharon Grna '67 and Jim Scalia '78

MGR3PI.jpg (43386 bytes)

Chriss and Jilley (Chris, what the hell were you doing?)

MGR3PJ.jpg (48773 bytes)

MGR3PK.jpg (52271 bytes)

Boob: "Patti, ARE YOU CRAZY?  You'll throw your back out trying to do that."

Patti: "Ya THINK?"

MGR3PLMN.jpg (221956 bytes)

Three guesses at who this "Queen of the Mardi Gras" is.  I'll give you a hint.... his name starts with RON if you didn't know.  Any chance to take his clothes off.

MGR3PO.jpg (99487 bytes)

See what a few nites at the gym can do for you, girls?  And if that doesn't work, buy a Curvaceous Coverup at


MGR3PP.jpg (139049 bytes)

The Pascarella Twins: Doranna and Maria (as if you couldn't read the tag)

MGR3PQ.jpg (75079 bytes)

Here's Ginny making all Joe's work worthwhile

MGR3PR.jpg (74907 bytes)

Right after my hubby, I can't pass a party without getting a dance with Jimmy Paul (though we're usually threatening to beat the hell out of each other a few times a week, we luuuv each other, dearly).

MGR3PS.jpg (82356 bytes)

Nick Nicosia '67 and wife Joyce.  Thanks to those from '67 who liked the work we did at their reunion and chose to join us for our big bash.

MGR3PT.jpg (115039 bytes)

It's Judie Meyers '73 and "Himself", her hubby Nate.

MGR3PU.jpg (153958 bytes)

Carmela shows off her "Dora the Explorer" tattoo.  Sure, Carm--once ya wash it off, THEN what is Gianna (her granddaughter) gonna do for entertainment.

MGR3PV.jpg (115784 bytes)

Ronnie (he clean's up real good) Giles '65 and Cathy Bush '71

MGR3PW.jpg (114241 bytes)

Annie, fer cripes sake, you're from Jersey City, surely you've seen a teacher mix it up with her students before!  And bless Miss Scan, she remembers EVERYBODY. 

MGR3PX.jpg (112060 bytes)

MaryAnn Piazza, Nick Dinallo and Kathie Pesenti '68

MGR3PY.jpg (89838 bytes)

Carrie and I also make sure we save a dance for Rich.

MGR3PZ.jpg (121186 bytes)

Vito Pecoraro '71 and Valerie Love '73


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