okay, here's more.......

MGR2P1.jpg (134585 bytes)

Greg Sentipal and Joan Harabalya '71, Niella Giles '58 and Nancianne Edone '66

MGR2P10.jpg (54261 bytes)

Jon Perconti '61

MGR2P11.jpg (124406 bytes)

Rich Dino '73 with Tom Pisaturo and Ward Wrangen '74

MGR2P12.jpg (70591 bytes)

MaryAnn Reis with Mike Nardino '59

MGR2P13.jpg (72282 bytes)

Frank Vanore '71 and Joan Cardile '73

MGR2P14.jpg (75359 bytes)

The Grieco's:   Steve '75 and Lori (DiCrosta) '77

MGR2P16.jpg (107778 bytes)

Judie Meyers and Camille Franco '73, with Judie's husband Nate "Himself" Glotzer

MGR2P17.jpg (125161 bytes)

Jon Perconti '61 with Len Fogge '67

MGR2P15.jpg (146658 bytes)

Don't piss these guys off, even if they ARE laughing:

Anthony Sciabica and Chick Chiodo '73, John DeChristofaro '72, Gary Longo '74, Dom Pepe, Bob Savacool, Hartley Cole, Rich Carapezzi and Pete VanEck '73 and Nick DePalma '66

MGR2P3.jpg (140024 bytes)

Dominick Pepe '73, Gary Longo '74 and Jerry Manzetti '76

MGR2P4.jpg (118483 bytes)

Here are Dolores Miller and Judy Zangara '78, with Dolores' brother Joey '81

MGR2P5.jpg (164448 bytes)

Calvin Freeman '65, Chick Chiodo and Rich Carapezzi '73, Doug Tallia '71

MGR2P6.jpg (99938 bytes)

Carol Smith '64 and husband, Joe Candeloro

MGR2P7.jpg (100563 bytes)

Annie, Chick Chiodo '73 and Carmela D'Onofrio '60

MGR2P8.jpg (109008 bytes)

Jilley with Jimmy Leone '67

MGR2P9.jpg (99825 bytes)

From '72, Diane DiPalma and Emil Carafa like Carol Creager's choice of "tattoo" while Joelle Hook decides what she'll get.

MGA.jpg (42956 bytes)

1976'ers Donna D'Amico, Jilley, Sue Zangara and Lois Nunno

MGB.jpg (117637 bytes)

Did these women drive Judie Meyers' hubby, Nate Glotzer to drink?  I think maybe--

there's Michele Peraino '73, Annie, Carmela D'Onofrio '60, Maryann Caporoso '60

Fran Peraino '63 and AnnMarie Peraino '68

MGC.jpg (164353 bytes)

Debby Grasso ICHS '74, Ross Palino '73 and wife Roberta, Don Placido (hubby of Diane Rinaldi), Mike Carriere and wife Diane Ascolese '73 (by the way, Debby had just come back from New Orleans, so she had better beads than we did!!!)

MGD.jpg (148847 bytes)

Chriss Duess and Diane DePalma '72, Al McNickle '73 and Emil Carafa '72

MGE.jpg (135399 bytes)

Alex Trani and wife, Julie, Marcel Wurms and Janice Tirico (all '75)

MGF.jpg (104922 bytes)

Okay--we have Cathy Bush '71, Ron Giles '65 and Annie.

MGG.jpg (90054 bytes)

Enjoying their 30 year reunion: Joe Lisi, Marilyn Marchetta and Al McNickle '73

MGH.jpg (118137 bytes)

from the Class of 1963, Marie Donatello, Roy Brunston and Elisa Losacco

with Diane Clayton '64

MGI.jpg (93238 bytes)

from the Class of 1972, Karen Martorano, Joan Bocchino, Lynn Cotte and Janice Barch



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