The Lodi High School

All-Alumni Bash (Installment #3)

Mardi Gras

The Lodi Boys Club

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Well guys, this one 'bout wore us out.  There was a lot of stuff going on in the background for this one and if not for our "nuclear support" it might not have happened at all.

First and foremost, we thank our husbands, Dom and Bobby, and Carrie's kids, Joelle and Kyle for their "volunteered" support.  Next we have Annie, Ginny (Boggio) & Joe, Judie (Meyers) & Nate, for listening to us cry every day.  Karen Tantillo and Kristen Policastro--whatever we ask you to do, you're there.  This year, we also extend our thanks to Allyson DeSomma, Dolores Warchol, Glen Bariso, Chris Boggio, Dolores and Joey Miller (ain't that just like me to invite you "over" and then put you to work? Kind of reminds me of all the Christmases you helped us put the rooms back together at my Mom and Dad's) and Jerry Manzetti.  Lastly, we thank all of you--the "old faces" and the new, for joining us in all our endeavors.  It's for you we do it at all!!!!  If I've forgotten anyone specifically, you know we love you, anyway.

I also take this opportunity to congratulate the Class of 1973 on their 30th anniversary, and all the other people from years ending in 3's and 8's on their decade or 5-year milestones. 

                                                          Jilley and Carrie


So let's see some pictures, already............... Here's roll #1:

MG1.jpg (72733 bytes)

One of Carrie's many talents

MG10.jpg (156823 bytes)

Debbie White '71 Janet Zimmermann and Pam White '73

MG11.jpg (183510 bytes)

Allyson DeSomma '90, Dolores Warchol '65, Doug Tallia '71, Georgann Warchol '76

MG12.jpg (154247 bytes)

Our waitresses for the evening, Jackie Anderson and Joelle Hook and Bob Hook '73

MG13.jpg (131931 bytes)

MaryAnn Tumminelli and Lynne Pisaturo '69, Tommy Pisaturo '74 and Jilley

MG14.jpg (184520 bytes)

Karen Tantillo and Ginny Boggio '75, with Chris Boggio '64

MG15.jpg (134139 bytes)

The Class of 1949

Pete Manzetti, Betty Gaspar, Helen Sarisky, Dot LaCorte, Marilyn Scandariato, Don Schotz, Fran Pensec, John Bourhis and John Pensec

MG16.jpg (196129 bytes)

The Cahill Sisters, Diana '61 and Maureen '70, flank our own Miss Scan

MG17.jpg (87846 bytes)

From '72, MaryAnn DePeri and Emil Carafa

MG18.jpg (108264 bytes)

From '71, Greg Sentipal and John Tomaine

MG19.jpg (158547 bytes)

Jilley with the Columbus School Scimeca's: Ralph '79, Mom Lillian Swentzell '50, and sisters Ginny '70 and Carol '73

MG1A.jpg (162460 bytes)

MG2.jpg (187688 bytes)

Jammin' Jim Bello '82, the OFFICIAL LHS All-Alumni DJ

mg20.jpg (85074 bytes)

All-Alumni's favorite couple, Phil Liberti '56 and Camille Franco '73

MG21.jpg (147616 bytes)

Rich Carapezzi '73 and Artie Nardino '70

MG22.jpg (93029 bytes)

Frank Grauso '70 and Mike Carriere (he's Diane Ascolese's '73 hubby)

MG23.jpg (99610 bytes)

Jilley with Sharon Grna '67

We've call ourselves cousins for years 'cause our families came over from the old country together but when I look at this picture, I can actually see a resemblance of sorts.

MG24.jpg (199149 bytes)

Calvin Freeman and Bill Dowson '65, with Ken 'Nick' Nicosia '67

MG25.jpg (110776 bytes)

The Cardile's: John '66 and Joan '73

MG26.jpg (125738 bytes)

That 70's Show:   Jim Giannella, Jim Paul, Artie Nardino and Frank Grauso

MG3.jpg (164016 bytes)

In the back, the Peraino Cousins, MaryAnn '60 and Fran '63?

And behind the masks? That's Carmela D'Onofrio '60 and Marie Elena Panarfiello '59

MG4.jpg (84956 bytes)

Jilley and her 'rented' big sister, Ann Rinyak

MG5.jpg (99267 bytes)

The Hook Men:   John '72, Kyle, and Bobby '73

\MG6.jpg (172983 bytes)

Don Placido, Diane Rinaldi '73 and Karen Martorano '72

MG7.jpg (105222 bytes)

Carrie with '73 classmate (and my REAL cousin, whom I look nothing like) Bob Savacool

MG9.jpg (160731 bytes)

Ginny Scimeca '70 checks out Carrie's picture board.  Hmmm, now what party did I miss?

~ROLL 2~

~ROLL 3~

~ROLL 4~