SO-No self-respecting party planners will have a LUAU

and not have HULA Dancers.   So here they are,

straight from Lee's Hawaiian Islander in Clifton...

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Tony Bene '64 get's a publicly private lesson

HULA H.jpg (167455 bytes)

Now it's time to get the REST of the boys involved!

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HULA I.jpg (120135 bytes)

Heh, I'm just five situps away from major stud-dom!

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Is this what she meant when she said I'd get "leid" later on tonite? (That's bad, I know, but I hope Jimmy Paul's reading this.)

HULA L.jpg (96472 bytes)

Nice coconuts, Mike (Albano-'74)--Think Sandy will like them?

HULA M.jpg (149171 bytes)

Well, Carrie certainly likes them on Bobby.

HULA 3.jpg (136547 bytes)

Now, swivel those hips this way and that way and DON'T break anything!

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HULA P.jpg (153526 bytes)

Now the girls get to do a little "hands up"

HULA Q.jpg (143977 bytes)

And NATURALLY, Ronnie, er, I mean Tonda-LAY-OH Kum-on-I-wanna-lay-ya can't miss a chance to entertain everyone.



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