Yes, this does look different than what I

originally put up here.  I decided I wanted a

better look.   Hope you like it.

Here's roll one of the Luau Pix.

LR1A.jpg (98481 bytes)

Your hostesses with the mostesses--Jilley and Carrie

room1.jpg (44995 bytes)

room3.jpg (46660 bytes)

room2.jpg (54335 bytes)

room4.jpg (43454 bytes)

We had a LOT of help setting this up.  First off, Carrie's artwork

was just GREAT.  Carrie, Karen Dom and I started Friday nite

blowing up palm trees, monkeys, pink flamingos and toy

musical instruments.  Our usual suspects, Bobby, Dom, Kyle,

Joelle, Ginny, Joe, Karen and Kristen and this year's newcomer,

Jim Konopacki '71 helped make the room look AWESOME!!

LR1B.jpg (70981 bytes)

Chirss Duess '72, Miss Scan and Ann Trozzolino '70

LR1C.jpg (96901 bytes)

Laura Hendricks '67 and hubby, Bill Cima

LR1D.jpg (96717 bytes)

Sue Kovach '62 and hubby, Phil Scaglione

LR1E.jpg (96646 bytes)

Paula Passantino and Pat Brindisi, both from '61

LR1F.jpg (81987 bytes)

Sue "ElSuzi" Schueler '68 and hubby, Rich Elmer

LR1G.jpg (107564 bytes)

Sandy Hildebrandt and Mike Albano from '74

LR1H.jpg (103721 bytes)

Lori DiCrosta '77 and hubby Steve Grieco '75

LR1J.jpg (101272 bytes)

The Harris sisters: Doreen '74 and Debbie '72

LR1K.jpg (70747 bytes)

Dolores Warchol '65 and daughter Allyson DeSomma '90

LR1L.jpg (117620 bytes)

Tommy Pisaturo '74, Steve Grieco and Ginny Boggio '75

Carl Carchia (husband of Adrienne Peraino '61)

Lori DiCrosta '77

LR1M.jpg (105707 bytes)

Fran and Bill Poole '70 with Ginny Scimeca, also '70

Bill actually left Lodi for Florida some years ago, but came to the Luau!!

LR1N.jpg (49977 bytes)

Connie Scimeca '67 and our resident local reporter

and Lodi's official historian, Artie Maglionico '65.

LR1O.jpg (89322 bytes)

Patti Polito '69 politely reminded Diane DePalma '72

there's no smoking.   Guessing by the looks on Rico Ventola '69

and Sue '76 Zangara's faces, the reply was witty and urbane.

LR1P.jpg (71461 bytes)

Allen Discorfano '62 and wife Marian Kula '72

LR1Q.jpg (52423 bytes)

Mike Kula '68 and wife Ruth

LR1R.jpg (69343 bytes)

Joel Savacool '75 and Lisa Ruggiero '81

LR1S.jpg (61124 bytes)

Serena Astorino '72 with guest, Dan Harris

LR1T.jpg (82221 bytes)

Chick Chiodo '73, always tells me I never hug him enough. 

Here's proof positive that I DO!!!

LR1U.jpg (71233 bytes)

Ya better smile for that camera or he'll never go away--

Lou LoScialpo '62 and Darlene "Boob" Marchelle '73

LR1V.jpg (106252 bytes)

Another of our perennials:   Jimmy Scalia '78 and his beautiful wife, Dina

LR1W.jpg (86965 bytes)

Joann Nardino '64 and hubby Joe Costa '62

LR1X.jpg (119954 bytes)

Debbie Harris '72, Michele Peraino '73, Rico Ventola '69,

Nick Blanda, Darlene Marchelle, Hartley Cole and Chick Chiodo '73

LR1Y.jpg (56608 bytes)

Jilley with John Oller '70

LR1Z.jpg (56757 bytes)

Rich Elmer will have some food and then just wait to see

what he does in one of the next rolls.....

And thanks for letting me use your shirt as a

backdrop for this page (lol).


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