John Poulo


On October 10, we lost (yet another) one of our own.

John and I were friends from kindergarten. Often times, I would go to his house after school.   One memory that resurfaced (by John) over the years was our first argument.   It was Halloween in that first year at Washington School.  I was Cinderella.   John was a popular cartoon character, Wally Gator.  Only thing, he kept calling it Wally ALLIgator.  Bossy thing I was (and still am) I kept rebutting.  John finally gave me my way, but he signed my yearbook and a note to me for our 20th reunion reminding me he STILL believes it should have been his way.  I will certainly miss him.  Thanks to Mrs. Poulo and sister Anne for providing us with these pictures.  If anyone has more to share or has a similar rememberance, please send to me at Jill_D' and I will gladly post to this page.

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John and Joyce Facella won our King and Queen honors in 8th grade.  Here is a picture of him and Joyce, the newspaper article and a picture of him and girlfriend, Linda Gallo.

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John played for Stamato, who became the Little League World Series Champs. Do you recognize these people?

Front: John, Joe Luciano, Gary Lindenberg, Frank Ciaramella, Allen Hrobak, Mark Moncho and Chris Fredericks.

Standing:   Tony Rigolosi (coach), Rich Sciolaro, Peter Manganelli, Tommy Valla, Mike Imparato, Jeff Wurms, Mgr. Mike Luciano and Mr. Stamato.

John kept playing baseball, too!

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John with his Mother, Helen


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Dad John, Nephew Michael (Anne's son), Mom Helen, John, sisters Anne and Helen

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John with Michael

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John and Dad owned JP's Deli (formerly Pete's on Avenue C)

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Most of all, John loved his music--He was in several groups and toured all over.

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Forever in our hearts and minds:

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Life Eternal

Life is eternal, it does not end.   Our Father tells us so.

Believe what he says, my friend for he surely does know.

He created all life you see; death is just a transition he explains.

He made life eternally so the soul forever will remain.

The body is only the clothes we wear; we take them off when we go home.

We won’t need them over there for our Father gives us new ones to wear.

The new clothes last forever you see throughout all eternity.

Once again we will all come together to share our lives and love in a new world even better the one called heaven above.

John, you will always have a special place in my heart……….Linda Gallo


I will always have the best of memories of John. We shared many interests in common, played high school baseball together all four years at LHS, and actually co-managed a Lodi Rec Babe Ruth League baseball team together in 1976.

While John and I shared a love of the game, our closest bond was our mutual love for music, and particularly, the Beatles. In fact, it was John who first taught me some simple guitar licks, and I fondly recall, after several weeks of practice, jamming out to "Ticket to Ride" and "Day Tripper" together in his basement, with John on his bass, me on guitar, my brother Bobby on drums, and Richie Oller looking on with a curious gaze of amazement!

 To this day, whenever I hear Day Tripper, the image of John, with a facial expression of the sheer joy of making music, is firmly embedded in my mind's eye.

 Throughout his life, John possessed the rare capacity to revel in life's greatest gifts - love, joy, friendship and an uncanny ability to recognize, and tune into, all that was good in those around him.

 There can be no doubt in the minds of all who were lucky enough to come to know John that he now sings in a chior of angels, and anxiously awaits his buddies to join him in that ensemble. I, for one, believe that when my time comes, I'll bring my Rickenbacker, just in case I run into John.

 With cherished memories,

Scott Sproviero