Welcome to the Official Lodi High School Class of 1976 Website:

Hi, this is Jill Schmidig-D'Onofrio. We all now know that I got the inspiration to do this from both the Class of 1975's and Class of 1973's websites. We were first published on August 17, 2000. This is the sixth edition (I count that by how many times I've changed the home page). Filomena Matos-Aur (sister of Jorge from our class) published a site for the Class of 1970 some time after their 30th reunion in November of 2000.

Now, Carrie Weber-Hook, Karen Tantillo-Policastro and I are partners in crime. Carrie and I have deemed ourselves "Official Reunion Crashers." We crash reunions, take pictures and post on the website for all to see!!! Carrie and I have also gotten together to form an All Alumni reunion. CLICK HERE and check out the details.

We're getting a lot of nice press on the sites. People write in to tell us they're getting in touch with people they haven't seen in years. This gives us the incentive to keep it going.

Check out Classmates.com and sign up. In addition to the websites, that's how I'm finding people to spread the news.

Take a look around. This is a chance to have a class reunion every day! Catch up with people you haven't seen or heard from in years!

I will try to update this every month, but I'll need your help. Tell me what you like and don't like. Give me ideas for new features and how to make existing ones better. This isn't just mine, it's yours, too.



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