~Our Families~

Please send me your family pictures--your kids, your nieces and nephews--your pets--whatever you want to share with us.

Here's what I have, so far.

Jenn Raimo

daughter of

Tom Raimo and Jean Sinatra

JoAnn Schumacher

with brother John's (80)


Emily D'Onofrio

daughter of

Jill Schmidig


Dom D'Onofrio ('62)

Georgettemarie and

Samatha Viglione

daughters of

Barbara Bobenko-Viglione

Matthew Tallia

and Rosie

son of

Georgann Warchol


Doug Tallia ('71)

Courtesy of

Ronnie Loverich and Dawn Toscani-

Ronnie, Bonnie, Dane

and Brianna (holding Zach) Loverich

KucinskiKids.jpg (22362 bytes)

Lauren, Leanna, Christopher

Peter and Michael Kucinski ~

Linda (Gallo) and husband John

Joseph, Patrick, Frankie

and Kristin Licata

Frank Licata and Pat Caso ('73)

Robbin Stathakis-Schembari

with husband John and children

Michael and Jamie

Jason and Sean Sproviero

twin sons of

Scott Sproviero and Carolyn Berry ('79)

Scott says he should have named them

Frank and Angelo

Bobby and Krystal Cannizzaro

children of

Maryann Bua


Bob Cannizzaro '74

Dale DeSmidt's daughters

Carli and Christi Razzetti

Katrina Biss, daughter of

Debbie Lavelle-Iurato