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Bernie Pallottie recently found the website and we have been writing back and forth with each other.   He shared some Washington School pix with me and also sent this latest photo of himself and the poem (written about 20 years back)

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I have an Angel in my tears

And when I sleep I feel her near

I have no anger or a fear

I know I’m safe when she’s near

She comes to me within my sleep

And warns me of some friends to weep

The friends she warns that are so dear,

I wonder do they really care?

She warns of danger far and near

I wonder is it just a scare?

The things she warns me in my sleep

Are things I know of full deceit.

The things I know of full deceit

Are things I thought I could defeat?

My Angel comes with good advice or tears I shed would feel like ice

Her arms out stretched she comforts me

And days to come she welcomes me

My Angel watches over me

And this I know it comforts me

My Angel is the one I know

I trust her word

I love her so! 

Bernie   Pallottie