In 2001, Carrie enlisted all the Alumni to join in a fundraiser for the New York Special Olympics.   An orginazation called Kintera ( holds a duck race at South Street Seaport in New York City.  Contestants purchase rubber ducks, which get dumped from a barge into the Hudson.  They are corralled and allowed to float from one side of the seaport to the other.  The first ten ducks on the other side win prizes for their purchasors, but other prizes are offered for the teams who collect the most purchases.   LHS All-Alumni won in 2001 and also in 2002.  The prize?  A party at the seaport.  The 2001 party was held on Saturday, September 8.  Just four days later, that skyline would be changed forever.  The 2002 party was fun, but it, too, was held just days before the first anniversary of that day.  Riding in to the city and passing the site was very humbling.  Prior to thanking Special Olympics President Neal Johnson, we said a prayer and remembered our LHS Alumni, Angel Pena '73 and Jon Perconti '85.



Some scenes from the City--We chose not to put any Ground Zero pix here.

ss2002 city1.jpg (97037 bytes)

ss2002city2.jpg (78076 bytes)

Dom caught this pic of Me, Carmela and Annie coming to the Seaport

ss2002 me annie carmels.jpg (72034 bytes)

Below, Neal Johnson tells everyone what a bangup job the All Alumni's did.

SS2002 Neal.jpg (89180 bytes)

As Carrie and I look on (note my shirt--it was a first year commemorative of 9/11):

ss2002 Carrie and me listening to neal.jpg (57240 bytes)

In honor of Lodi Rams, they presented us with this statue (Carrie and I decided we'd share semi-annual custody):

ss2002 Rodney the ram.jpg (109981 bytes)

Not being one to shy away from the microphone, Carrie lets me thank everyone for their efforts.  As long as I haven't been drinking, the content will be G-rated.

ss2002 Carrie and I say thanks.jpg (70740 bytes)

And we take our pix with Neal:

ss2002 Carrie Neal and me.jpg (70842 bytes)

And some of the gang join us for a pic

Dolores Warchol '65, Serena Astorino '72, Sarina Engel '73, Carrie, Me, Debbie Norkett '75 and Joe Pollaro

ss2002 rodney and the gang.jpg (106802 bytes)

Joe Albano '77, Artie Nardino '70 and Bobby Hook '73

ss2002 1.jpg (72271 bytes)

Carrie with Rich Carapezzi, who always contributes dearly, on our behalf.

ss2002 2.jpg (60014 bytes)

My Annie, with Rich's wife, Judy

ss2002 3.jpg (58993 bytes)

From '65: Michele Olivieri, JoAnn Catalioto, Ronnie Giles and Dolores Warchol

ss2002 4.jpg (66990 bytes)

Bobby Hook and our guests, John Zotola and Joe Untisz

ss2002 5.jpg (72465 bytes)

Phil Liberti '56 and Camille Franco '73

ss2002 6.jpg (57026 bytes)

The children of some of our guests

ss2002 7.jpg (68531 bytes)

From the class of '66, Phyllis Molissa, Marlene Gunderman and their husbands.

ss2002 8.jpg (57985 bytes)

Rich Dino and Pam White '73

ss2002 9.jpg (48839 bytes)

Nick Astorino '68 and wife Denise Della Penta '73

ss2002 a.jpg (70985 bytes)

Fran Jaworoski '75 and Hubby.  Mike Albano and Sandy Hildebrandt '74

ss2002 b.jpg (87300 bytes)

Diana Cahill '61 and nephew.   MaryAnn Hook '60, Maureen Cahill '70

and Ron Giles '65

ss2002 c.jpg (50940 bytes)

Allyson DeSomma '90 and mom, Dolores Warchol

ss2002 d.jpg (63176 bytes)

Judy Zangara '78, Kathy LaTrenta '75 and Rhonda Gasalberti '76

ss2002 e.jpg (100442 bytes)

Janet Schurman and Marilyn Marchetta '73

Carole Coppola '72 and husband Stanley Dzielinski

ss2002 f.jpg (82933 bytes)

Carmela Bello '60 (1942-2004)

ss2002 g.jpg (67925 bytes)

Phil Liberti '56, Debbie Norkett '75 and Joe Pollaro

ss2002 h.jpg (77568 bytes)

Front right--Sandy Hildebrandt and Mike Albano with their friends

who helped to support our cause.

ss2002 i.jpg (79905 bytes)

To my right is my good friend, Steve Weislo and his friends Paul and Katie.

ss2002 j.jpg (112288 bytes)

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vitamia '75

ss2002 k.jpg (65993 bytes)

JoAnn Catalioto '65 and date.

ss2002 l.jpg (49902 bytes)

Also helpers to our causes, my cousins Bill LaTourette and Jeremy and Meryl Pierce

ss2002 m.jpg (78390 bytes)

The Class of '72

Carole Coppola, Serena Astorino, Sharon Tuzzolino, John DeChristofaro

Jill Iacometta, Toni Maiorano and Donna Edone

ss2002 n.jpg (99327 bytes)

Gayle and Wayne Ferrarini (friends of)

Judie Meyers '73 and husband Nate Glotzer

ss2002 o.jpg (68389 bytes)

Ron Giles '65 with Dina and Jim Scalia '78

ss2002 p.jpg (92832 bytes)

Artie Nardino '70 and Michele Olivieri '65

ss2002 q.jpg (54070 bytes)


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