Okay, this isn't so fancy just yet, but I wanted to get SOME pix up here.

Frank and Sue (Blanco) Sciamarelli

They get my vote for cutest couple--don't they look great? 

Jim Sarro, CarolAnn Sokolik, Sue , Fred Scimeca, John Santasiero

Jill Schmidig, Sue Zangara, Rhonda Gasalberti, AnnaMarie Lourick, Lois Nunno, Roxanne Gasalberti, Marianne Belli, Georganne Warchol, Joann Olivieri

Dave Schlett, Jill, Rich Oller, Doug Ligregni

Diane McLaren, Dawn Toscani, Joan Marro, Susan Zingone

Doug LiGregni, Doreen Schlett (Dave's wife), Sue Zangara

Jill, Georganne, Joan and Terri LoIacono

Joyce Facella and Dean Crevina

Marlene Martin, Joan, John Santasiero, Scott Sproviero, Rich Oller, Lynn Cinquino

Mike Ingenito, Joyce, Marianne, Jill, Scott and Lucy Ingenito (Mike's wife)

Rosemarie Chalemin, her husband Patrick Burch and Lois

SueZ, Debbie Screnock and Judy Perrelli

I can just hear Mr. Feldman saying  "Look please, Mr. Loverich, can you get your tongue outta Mr. Staffa's ear?"

Oh Brother, how many takes till we get this right?

Ronnie, will you PLEASE look towards the front, and when did Sue Zingone morph into Diane McLaren?

what a GREAT turnout for 30-years.  Don't make me name names--try to figure it out yourself?