Arlee Friedner


Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rizzo, Marianne Belli-Mella, Kevin Mella and Dean Crevina-Prisco

Bob Walczykiewic, Scott Sproviero, Fred Scimeca

Anthony DellCioppia, Darwin Sciolaro

Cousins Debbie Lavelle-Iurato and Dave Schlett

Some Hilltop friends: Liz Vinci-Annuzzi, Mary Rabigi-Wilke

Judy Mundy-Dermako and Lucille Carafa-Albanese

Jill Schmidig-D'Onofrio, AnnaMarie Lourick-Cirello

(I think that's Sandy Della Pietra hiding behind Anna)

Jayne Helias-St.George and Guy Cirello

Kevin Miller and Mike Imparato

Nick Melfi and Dave Schlett

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sarro

Planning for the next golf game: Scott Sproviero and John Luciano

Class of 76's answer to the Sopranos:

Guy Cirello, Jimmy Sarro, Bob Brindisi, Pete Waanders and Dean Crevina-Prisco

Friends from Kindergarten

Jill Schmidig-D'Onofrio and John Poulo

John--remember, it's WallyGator, not Wally Alligator

Look please, it's Frank Staffa and Ronnie Marino

Tanny (Ricco) and Sean Austin