OK--So here they are!! Don't they all look GREAT?!?

Debbie Norkett, Anthony Wangrycht, Trish Moore-Luna

Ginny Boggio and Carrie on the dancefloor with Irene Miller (back shot)

Joe and Darlene (Balvin) Frodella, Marlene Palumbo-Muska

Wendy (Guarino) Walters and husband Dale ('77)

Joe Paci ('77) and Dale Walters ('77)

Karen Tantillo-Policastro, Linda Tempio, Marlene Palumbo-Muska

Tom Bonacci and Debbie "Oval" Avola

Ginny and I just loved Tom's new "do"

Marlene (Salerno), Marcel Wurms and Mrs. Frank Franco

Willie Gonzalez and Debbie Norkett with Erick Baker and Ken Schroen

looking on.

Amby Capabianca, Fe Belli and Erick Baker

Janice Liberti (81) and Gary Paparozzi

Joel Savacool with Ginny Boggio and Ginny Steccato

(who happen to be sisters-in-law, now, so their names are both Ginny Untisz)

Debi Dolci and hubby Joe Paci ('77)

Shane Forrester (aka) Louie Franco and Linda Bradbury

Lori DiCrosta ('77) and Steve Grieco

Washington School friends Nancy Emmolo and Linda Bradbury

More Washington School friends, Ginny Steccato and Ellen Bruno

Our Emcee Sammy Barcia with Fe Belli, Jim Conoscenti and Ken Schroen

Debi Dolci, Ginny Boggio, Bev Hines, Alex Trani, Sammy Barcia and Julie Trani

Pete Tiago and Frank Locascio

Joel Savacool and Lynn Christiano

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