On Saturday, April 27, 2002 the LHS Class of 1962 held their 40th Reunion at Villa Roberto in Rochelle Park.  There was a wonderful turnout thanks to the dedicated reunion committee (Pictured below: Dominick D'Onofrio, Nini Orsini, Pat Melango, Sue Kovach, Joan Cherba and Tony Costello.  Come take a look and see who YOU remember:

42702 committee.jpg (81050 bytes)

42702 1.jpg (40703 bytes)

Dominick D'Onofrio

42702 2.jpg (37494 bytes)

Tony Costello and his lovely wife, Marlene

42702 3.jpg (50255 bytes)

Rosalie Cangialosi, Edie Murphy, Rudy Koch and Joyce Elam

42702 4.jpg (51641 bytes)

Vinnie Sorbello and Linda Smith compare pictures

42702 5.jpg (75975 bytes)

Ronnie Esak and his lovely wife

42702 6.jpg (59870 bytes)

(Riverview Avenue) Gene J. Merlino and his wife, Linda

42702 7.jpg (97073 bytes)

Bernie Milazzo and wife, Pat

42702 8.jpg (75563 bytes)

Anthony Pizzi and Jill Schmidig-D'Onofrio (Dom's wife)

42702 9.jpg (95023 bytes)

Rose Anne Vitiello

42702 a.jpg (41745 bytes)

Joan Henchenski and Gail Scarlatelli singing Doo-wop

42702 b.jpg (43696 bytes)

Linda Merlino and Pat Milazzo re-live their days as Rockettes!!!

42702 c.jpg (66148 bytes)

Pat Berardi and Al Luna

42702 d.jpg (64635 bytes)

Lou Scudillo, Dennis Martine and Linda Stasek

42702 e.jpg (53677 bytes)

Gail Scarlatelli, Carol Ecker and Joan Bigica (go Washington School!)

42702 f.jpg (69987 bytes)

Mary Anne Oliveri sang "Ooh Baby Baby"

42702 g.jpg (60872 bytes)

Ronnie ("Ronnie I") Italiano from Clifton Music provided our entertainment

42702 h.jpg (101005 bytes)

The Legends of Rock N Roll

42702 i.jpg (93156 bytes)


42702 j.jpg (83600 bytes)

Dom D'Onofrio, Ronnie I and Gene J. Merlino

42702 k.jpg (76207 bytes)

Carrie Weber-Hook ('73), Louie LoScialpo and Jill Schmidig-D'Onofrio ('76)

Jill and Carrie host the annual Lodi High School All-Alumni Reunions

42702 l.jpg (104810 bytes)

Dominick, Nina, Pat and Sue

42702 m.jpg (73725 bytes)

Pat Berardi, Richie Brown and Dom

42702 n.jpg (74429 bytes)

Diane Petti, Carole Cirello, Pat Erdos

42702 o.jpg (51334 bytes)

Joan Henchenski and Ronnie Esak

42702 p.jpg (88552 bytes)

Linda and Gene Merlino, Ronnie Esak and wife, Pat and Bernie Milazzo

42702 q.jpg (78509 bytes)

Pat Berardi, Bob Marrone and Anthony Pizzi

42702 r.jpg (57191 bytes)

Tom "Jr." Peraino (right)

42702 s.jpg (55486 bytes)

Gene (Yolanda Ct.) Merlino, Bernie Milazzo and Ronnie Esak

42702 t.jpg (99532 bytes)

Pat Melango and Linda Smith

42702 u.jpg (85687 bytes)

Sandra Rosini and Tony Mortillo

42702 v.jpg (93293 bytes)

Annette Blanco, Diane Petti, Barbara Russo, Joan Henchenski

42702 w.jpg (100637 bytes)

Lenny Ostrowski and wife Pat Erdos, Roger and Judy Mazzolani

42702 y.jpg (70440 bytes)

Tony and Marlene with Gene A.Merlino

42702 z.jpg (74754 bytes)

Sue Kovach, Gene Vinci and wife Donna

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