Here they are!!!

The pictures from the 1961-40-Year reunion

Friday, October 26, 2001 at George's in Moonachie

Tony Daleo, Mario Cristelli, Tom Stassi

Adrienne Peraino

Adrienne with Marie Palumbo and husband, Dennis Esposito '60

Jerry Nuzzola, "Chief" Nuccitelli, Tony Zarriello, George DeNobile, Don DelNero

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Capabianca

Phil Carbonetti, Tony Zarriello, Chuck Dave

Roe Casesa, Pat Brindisi, Adrienne Peraino and husband, Carl Carchia

Ray Ducoat clowns around with Marie Paladino, Rosemarie Catena,

Helen Miranda and Marilyn Calvacca

Marie Palumbo, Marie Paladino, George DeNobile, Marilyn Calvacca and Marie Duva

Frank Nicosia, Victor "HaHa" Lascari, Chief Nuccitelli and Jerry Nuzzola

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Dave and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zenda (Lorraine Dave, '63)

Don DelNero, Diane Cahill and Carolyn Modica

George DeNobile, Frank Nicosia, Phil Carbonetti and Victor Lascari

Ray Ducoat and Pat Monte

Sandy Fox, ?, Gerie Fox, Joe Makowski, Marie Paladino, Helen Miranda

Maria Mortellaro, Roe Catena, Helen Miranda, Marilyn Calvacca, Elaina Failla, Rita Falasco, Carol Godleski, Marlene Asaro

Carol Godleski and husband

Reggie Greenleaf

Maria Duva, Chuck Dave, Pat Brindisi, Elaina Failla, Marie Palumbo

Joe Makowski and Roe Casesa

Jon Perconti, Phil Carbonetti, Dennis Esposito '60

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lascari (Naomi Perrelli '63)

Pat Monte and husband (rear), Roe Marakovits and husband (right)

Marie Paladino

Jill Schmidig-D'Onofrio '76, Dennis Esposito '60, Marie Palumbo

George DeNobile shares some memories with Carl Zenda and wife, Lorraine......

and with Sandy Fox and his wife, Gerie.

Tony Daleo and Carolyn Modica


Gerie Fox, Georgia Caccamo '69 and Jon Perconti

Maria Duva, Chuck Dave, Pat Brindisi and Elaina Failla

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ducoat

Phyllis Smiraldi and Reggie Greenleaf

Now, Reggie and Maria Duva decide to Lindy (just like at the Canteen dances!!!)

Sandy shows Marie, Marilyn and Ray how his camera works, while Rosemarie and Helen pose for the "other" photographer.

Tom Stassi, Chuck Dave and Pat Brindisi

Marily Calvacca, ? Rosemary Catena and Roe Casesa

Mr. and Mrs. George DeNobile

Phyllis Smiraldi and Husband