The All-Alumni Christmas Bash at Pietro's was WONDERFUL.

We got to see some new faces, this time, when will we get to see you??

Carmela D'Onofrio '60

Our first bouncer of the evening. She threathed to trip those who wouldn't pay with her good foot. I'm happy to report you all were well-behaved.

Eileen DeSimone (guest of the web-bitches)

Our second bouncer. She almost met the wrath of Carmela, but they soon became good buds.

Jim Giannella and Marie Coppolla '71

Phil Liberti '58,

Camille Franco '73

Dan Ventola '77

Dawn DiGuilio '79

Live from Lodi, it's the Class of 1974, featuring

Angela Lattanzio, Gary Longo, Ward Wrahgen, Sandy Hildebrandt, Mike Albano, Anna Belli, Debbie Piscitelli and Henry Zygmunt

Dom D'Onofrio '62, flanked by

Anthony '82 and Dan '77 Ventola

Representing 1973

Carl Tiago

Rick Dino

Enoc Urdaz

From '70

Frank Grauso

Jackie Sciamarelli

Jimmy Paul

Joanne Pinto

Debby Grasso - ICHS '74

Carole Copolla '72

Greg Sentipal '71 with

Joan Harabalya '71 and

Denise Naedler '72

Maria Belli '78

Tiana Straeb '97

Tara Belli '97

Robert Rubin '72

Lisa Sedita '78

Gary Luna - GHS '71

Robert Rubin

Theresa Albano '79 and husband


Dawn DiGiulio '79

Jimmy Scalia '78

wife, Dina

Jill, with

Gil Giles BTHS '62

Niella Giles '58

Yes, they're Ronnie's siblings.

Yes, they accept your condolences.


Gil lets us know that even being

4 years older he has TONS more hair than Ronnie does.

Carol Nucifora and husband

Enoc Urdaz

Nora Gomez

(all from '73)


Camille and Phil still managed a smile for the camera.

She spend a busy week moving back to Lodi (see, you just can't get rid of us).


This was also an Avenue D reunion

Carol Krzeckowski '66

And the Astorino's Serena '72, Diane '66 and Nick '68


Our Mother-Daughter team of

Allyson DeSomma '90 and

Dolores Warchol '65


Ronnie, Diane, Carol and Paul

Emil Carafa '72

with Allyson and Dolores


Karen Tantillo '75

Lori DiCrosta '77

Steve Grieco '75

More From '70

Mike Ferrara

Marcia Fiduccia

Mike Infozino

Pat Zahorniak

Jim Giannella

Jimmy Paul

It's the Norwood Avenue Girls-but where's Chriss Duess?

Carrie with the Kerr's-Kathie '75 and Donna .

And did you know that EVERYONE on Norwood Ave had a nickname? Right Poo, right Noodle?

Jack Sepede '70

Bob Anzalone '73

Marian Kula '72

Serena and Nick with Nick's wift, Denise DellaPenta '73

It's a 1970 Mitchell-Sidney Street reunion with Valerie Alessi, Mike Ferrara and Steve Grecco, while Jimmy Paul (from the other side of the Saddle River) looks on.

Now Steve visits with the Norwood girls. Oh, wait--Donna, Kathie, June --I mean Chriss, but WHERE'S CARRIE???

Pat Zukovich '64

Kerry Madden '66

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Scalia

Denise Naedler

Carole Copolla

Marie Calendrillo


Valerie Alessi

Pat Fitzgerald

Michele Peraino

Roseann Boczko

AnnaMarie Sanzero

Pete VanEck

Connie VanEck

Manny VanEck

Oh, let's see--

There's Stanley Dzielinski and wife Carole Coppola, Denise Naedler, Marie Coppola, Dan (guest) and our waitress for the evening, Antonella

Russ Cannici, Hartley Cole, Bobby Riley, Alan Spiniello, and John Cardile

Pati Cannizzaro, Bob Leone, Pete and Carl Tiego, Joe Lisi, Rick Dino

Bob Leone '71

Jilley (or Jill-o as Bob and Roe Brawley used to call me)

Pam Christadora '70

Since we're using nicknames, here's Bob "Peco" Hook '73

Bobby Riley '72

Russ Cannici '72

Hartley Cole '73

From 73:

Joe Lisi

Nora Gomez

Jane Juryta

Barbara Sclafani


Carl Tiego

Valerie Love

Bob Anzalone

John Cardile with Barbara Sclafani and sister, Joan Cardile

Joe Lisi and Carl Tiego

Carol Nucifora , her husband, and Rick Dino

Dawn DiGuilio '79

Mike and Gary Longo '70 and '74

Tom "Saint" StGeorge '74

Dominic Pepe '73

Anthony Bonura '72

Barbara Sclafani '73

Bob Riley '72

Ronnie Giles and the Ventolas. Didn't they have a number 1 hit on WABC in the 60's?

Dom Pepe and Joan Cardile

Trish Moore '75 and hubby Gary Luna (Garfield '71)

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cavallo '74

Finally, my partner in crime with those Cahill girls, Diana '61 and Maureen '70. Maureen, a lot of people want to know when you're going to bring Dave to one of these?

Oh there's no place like HOME for the holidays......